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What is a Registered Office?

Registered Office

A registered office is an address which is registered with Companies House, the address must be in England or Wales where documents can be delivered to the company. It is the address where all official documents from Government bodies such as Companies House and HMRC are sent and also where court documents are served.

Your registered Office does not need to be at the address where you conduct your business and the vast majority of companies will use an alternative address to register their company. Businesses will use an alternative address for many reasons, wishing to keep their home address private, having a more appropriate business address, having the same business address and Registered Office – easily achieved with either our Premium Mailbox Rental or Goldbox Rental and with both of these services you receive a FREE Registered Office.

Registered Office Annual Fee:

 If you just require mailbox rental then our charge is only £20.00, using this service we will also forward all the company’s official mail to an address of your choosing in the UK free of charge. This is normally Government Agencies, HMRC and Companies House.

Directors Service Address:

Amendments to the Companies Act commenced on the 1st October, 2009. These changes allowed both directors and officers of a company to use an alternative to their home address and to use a service address.

The service address is an address that can be used by a director to receive communications from third parties regarding the company. The service address can be the same as the person’s residential address, or the Registered Office Address of the company, or it can be somewhere different. A service address is also known as a correspondence address.

If you have a Goldbox or a Premium Box then you will already have the use of our free Registered Office and you can add a Director’s Service Address for only £10.00 per year. Stand Alone: £20.00 per year.

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